Cultural meaning
of Euphorbia milii and their hybrids.
    In America and in other predominantly Christian communities, the classic forms have been known as Crown of Thorns, as the spines call to mind the twined circle of thorns that the Roman soldiers placed upon Christ’s head to mock him on the day of crucifixion. His execution was meant to discourage rebellion against Roman rule, but they unknowingly created a martyr for a new and resilient religion that continues to this day.
    In Thailand, these euphorbias are Good Luck Plants. The name in Thailand is “Poysean” --a combination of two Chinese words that mean “8 Saints”. Eight legendary saints sacrificed all of their earthly wealth, intellectual pride and selfish spirit so that they could promote righteousness and justice. By honoring the eight saints, one will be granted good luck in accordance with the specific power of each of the saints:
    1 Health
    2 Bravery
    3 Wealth
    4 Beauty
    5 Artistry
    6 Cleverness
    7 Poetry
    8 Victory over evil and bad spirits
Those who grow the poysean and take good care of them will always have good luck. The more flowers there are in a cluster and on a plant, the more luck the grower will receive.